Registration Guideline

Registration Fee:


Early Bird before August 10, 2018


After August 10, 2018
Author (Students/Conference Committees) 390 USD//2700 RMB 420 USD//2900 RMB
Author (Regular) 420 USD//2900 RMB 450USD//3100 RMB
Oral Presentation Only 280 USD//1900 RMB 300 USD//2050 RMB
Listener (Registration Form Download) 250 USD//1700 RMB 250 USD//1700 RMB
Additional Paper 330 USD//2200 RMB 330 USD//2200 RMB
Additional Page 70 USD//450 RMB 70 USD//450 RMB
Extra Proceeding 70 USD//450 RMB 70 USD//450 RMB
One day Tour 50 USD//350 RMB 50 USD//350 RMB



Author: making a presentation in the conference with paper publication. (作者:既要出版文章也要作报告)

Presenter: making a presentation at the conference without paper publication. (文章不出版,只作报告)

Listener: participating in the conference only without neither presentation nor paper publication. (如未投稿, 您可以注册听众参加, 请直接下载注册表完成注册, 并将注册表发送到会议邮箱)

Refund: The registration fee cannot be refunded when the VISA application of individual being denied, and cannot be refunded for any reason caused by delegates. ((如您的原因未能参会, 会议注册费不予退回)

● One regular registration can cover a paper within 5 pages, including all figures, tables, and references. (一篇文章注册只包含5页,如超过5页需缴纳相应的超页费。) 

● Author registration fee includes conference materials, lunch and dinner on October 28, 2018, conference bag, morning and afternoon teas, attending all technical sessions, conference document. (注册费包含:参会资格,会议当天的午餐,晚餐,茶歇,一套会议资料.)
● At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register. 
● One regular registration with one or more additional papers has only one journal book.
● Registration fee for each accompanying person / listener is 300 U.S. Dollars. 
● Delegates should bear the Service Charge (if any) of the bank in the Sender's Side. 
● One Day Tour is optional for all participants (on payment basis). (一日游费用额外缴纳, 已实际情况为准)




  1. Accommodation is not included in registration fee, the delegates need reserve rooms themselves,we advise you reserve rooms as early as you can. ( 住宿不包含在注册费里, 请自行预定)
  2. Except the conference hotel, you are free to reserve rooms nearby .

Late Registration:

  1. We only accept Listeners' onsite registration, for onsite registration delegate, the invitaiton letter will not be issued before the conference.
  2. For full papers, If you register late(after the deadline), your paper may not be published on time.